Wednesday , June 20 2018

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Visa processing for Australia to go digital only

Visa processing for Australia is soon going to be streamlined and it’s the digital services that are going to win the battle hands down! The visa labels for Australian visas are going to get digitized from next month and it’s being done to make the visa processing easy and proficient. ...

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Getting pregnant ? Keep the flu virus at bay

Are you going to turn into a new “mummy” soon and are you longing to hold that healthy bundle of joy in your arms? You are soon going to hold a healthy and robust baby in your anxious arms but be careful. It’s great news to be expecting a baby ...

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Violence, agitation hits Gujrat! Patidars furious with Modi’s BJP

Give the Patel community reservation, scream agitated Patidars! The demand for this has led to extreme violence overnight in many parts of Gujrat. Surat was struck by agitation and educational institutions were kept closed, stated the officials. A rally led by Hardik Patel, a 22 year old man, collected at ...

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