Thursday , September 20 2018

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Sensex Touches All-Time High of 30,133

Buoyed by robust quarterly gains and positive sentiment in other Asian markets, the Sensex and Nifty continued their upward streak. The Sensex, which comprises of 30 stocks, ended the day 199 points higher at 30,133. Meanwhile, Nifty, which had breached the 9,000 mark yesterday, too extended its gain to 9,351, ...

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Daily walk keeps brain healthy

Besides keeping your muscles and heart in perfect shape, a regular morning walk also helps keep the brain healthy and active; findings of a new study have shown. According to the findings of the study presented at the American Physiological Society’s (APS) annual meeting at Experimental Biology 2017 in Chicago, ...

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India May Move to a January-December Fiscal Year

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi has his way, we would be filing our tax returns for the period January to December. Yes, the 150-year-old practice of following the April to March fiscal year could soon be done away with. If the proposal sees the light of the day, the budget ...

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