Sunday , April 21 2019
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Look out! Whatsapp chats are not permanently deleted

Whatsapp Users beware! In what came as a shocking revealation, a research has found that your Whatsapp messages are not permanently deleted. iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski revealed that forensic trace of chat still remains present even after deletion, and any hacker with physical access to your device can retrieve the ...

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Gaming Fan alert! Use VPNs to get Pokemon Go in India

People may end up falling down ditches, break their bones or roll down stairs while playing the exciting location based reality game “Pokemon Go” developed by but they are tapping their finger erratically on their Smartphone screens with complete undeterred concentration. Now “Pokemon Go” is ready to target its Indian ...

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Facebook censorship! Kashmir posts deleted?

Activists and academics in Kashmir are a harried lot. They are complaining that the social media website Facebook has been censoring posts on Kashmir. Recently the valley was shrouded in a bloodbath with nearly 48 protesting people dead and a curfew had been imposed in the area. Security measures had ...

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Official teaser! Xiaomi Redmi Pro first peek

The upcoming Redmi Pro smartphone has been speculated about since a while now. This Xiaomi gadget has been revealed now in an official teaser image, where the device is being held by none other than Lei Jun, the company’s SEO. The official teaser of the Xiaomi Redmi Pro has been ...

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Opera Mini Offers Video Downloads for Offline Viewing!

Great news for internet addicts!! Now you can watch videos offline with ‘Opera Mini’! Thanks to the recent update to Opera Mini’s web browser, users will be able to download videos for offline viewing. It’s true, the latest update features a new homepage with the hottest Bollywood,political and lifestyle news ...

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