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Simple Tips to Avoid Daytime Sleepiness

Apart from an underlying sleep disorder, poor sleep habits are the major cause of daytime sleepiness. Check out for reasons, why you are not having a sound night’s sleep, resulting in a groggy and drowsy day. Get Adequate Night Time Sleep No brownie points for guessing the main cause of ...

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First Date: 5 Ways to Make an Impact!

For the clueless, here’s how to make that positive first impression on your date. Remember, every little thing counts: 1. Be on Time The first thing that you will be examined on is punctuality. It’s a rare trait and will fetch you brownie points in overall impression. Also, when you ...

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7 Ways to Handle a Crush on Co-worker

1.Check Company Policy:When people become infatuated with someone, they often stop thinking clearly and fail to consider how the company’s senior management, the HR and legal department will view this situation. Most companies frown upon romantic attachments amongst employees working together in the same department. Company policy may not favor ...

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Stimulant medicines safe for ADHD kids

There are kids who have immense difficulty in controlling their behavior and they are categorized as hyperactive because they face trouble in paying attention and staying focused. These kids are said to suffer from ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Traditionally certain medicines were kept away from ADHD children, but ...

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