Friday , January 22 2021
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Will mortality be reduced by Rapid TB tests?

The testing for drug –resistant forms of tuberculosis can now be done in matter of no time, say the researchers. At one time TB testing took 2-3 months, but now the researchers have come out with three new tests that are fast and can diagnose drug resistant form of TB. ...

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Premature children grow up to earn less, says study

A new study has suggested that premature babies will earn less when they grow up because of their poor numerical conceptual skills and lower educational attainments. The researchers say that babies born before completing full term may have lower academic skills in childhood, especially mathematics, and as a result of ...

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Afternoon naps keep heart attacks at bay–Study

Do you want to stay healthy? Its time you gave some importance to your afternoon naps. Grown-ups need to  snatch an hour-long nap at noon daily for optimum health. A mid-day nap has the potential to ward off  heart attacks and give protection against strokes because timely rest keeps the ...

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