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Getting pregnant ? Keep the flu virus at bay

Are you going to turn into a new “mummy” soon and are you longing to hold that healthy bundle of joy in your arms? You are soon going to hold a healthy and robust baby in your anxious arms but be careful. It’s great news to be expecting a baby and you need to be shielded from diseases at all times, after all you need the special pampering for “two”.

Temperature upheavals and constantly changing weather leads to rapid breeding of disease causing microorganisms. The influenza virus attacks hard and is certainly not partial towards the pregnant “to-be-mummy”. Pregnancy causes changes in tfluhe heart function, liver and immune system of the mother-to-be. The women who are into their two weeks of pregnancy need to be especially careful as this is the time when their immune system is at low ebb. They can catch severe illnesses like flu and this can be harmful for the mother and her unborn baby. You don’t want a premature delivery of your little baby, do you? So be on your guard at all times.

Take a flu shot now!

The best way to get a “flu shield” is to get inoculated against flu. After taking the inoculation, the mother and her unborn baby are protected from the influenza virus till 6 months after baby is born. This vaccine lead to the development of the antibodies in the body and after about two weeks of the shot, the antibodies get active and start to extend their protection against the viral attack. A word of advice, stay away from the nasal spray vaccine, mummy-to-be, it may not be the right thing for little junior!

Safety first

The flu shot is safe and has been administered over many years to the pregnant women and has been a safe source of protection of mother and child.

Preventive actions

Do not touch exposed surfaces or shake hands if you suspect someone may be carrying the virus. Avoid any kind of a close contact with people having cough, cold and fever. Keep disinfecting surfaces around you and never forget to wash or sanitize your hands frequently.

Never forget that beauty sleep and always munch a balanced diet enriched in nutritious food, this is going to boost up the immune systems of mother and child. Keep sipping on that yummy fruit juice it is healthy and full of antioxidants.

Keep your eyes open

Are you experiencing a shortness of breath and fatigue? Do you feel your body succumbing to the influence of the influenza virus? Don’t worry, medical science has progressed leaps and bounds and there is an antiviral drug that is safe for the pregnant women.

Leaving the flu untreated or delayed can cause birth defects in the little unborn baby. Go to a doctor right away and march the healthy path now with your little baby. Take care of the baby movements when you are affected by flu, and if you feel a decreased activity report it to your doctor right away!

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