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Is social media affecting your relationship? Read on…

Let’s face it; we belong to an era where friends threaten to unfriend if you fail to as much ‘like’ their pictures on social media. I mean, that is indeed a new dare that we have given the human race!

Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and a host of other social media apps seem to have brought the entire world in your neighborhood, overnight. When it comes to selecting partners, there is such a plethora of choice that people only end up more confused than they were ever before. Those already in relationships seem to be facing a tough time constantly proving and reiterating their feelings in the virtual world rather than the real world. Your equation with friends and other relatives is no different. Read on as we try to assess the impact of social media on our relationships in this chaos.

Real or Surreal                                 

Like someone once said, nobody’s life is as happy and happening as it appears on Facebook. At the end of the day, it cannot be all about getting a certain number of likes or engagements.

Data collected over years of research suggest that use of social media has a negative correlation with the level of satisfaction that people derive from their relationship. Alas, there are a whole lot of them making fake posts and an equal no of people making fake comments. So, what is the authenticity of the relationships that we have built based upon such posts and the attention that they have garnered?

More Room for Distrust

For some weird reasons, people of this age prefer to work on assumptions based upon the pictures and posts made on social media accounts rather than talk and sort out issues. We tend to draw conclusions based upon

  • The Person’s ‘last seen’. (Thank God WhatsApp doesn’t have a ‘last seen with’)
  • How many ticks and the color of the ticks.
  • The words used in a chat rather than the tone.
  • Comments and like on posts. (Sometimes whether or not you have liked and / or commented).

We have long forgotten the art of expressing through a mature conversation. In such a scenario, aren’t we are bound to build relationships ruled by constant distrust?


The social media lays a lot of emphasis on one’s privacy. All our accounts, much like our lives, are password protected. We have access to people from across the globe (Including our Ex flames) on literally our finger tips. So, the moment something goes amiss with our present romantic relationship, we tend to go looking for another one. We know, a new relationship will be just around the corner of one of our social media accounts.

Cheating upon your partner has become a lot-more easier than it was in the past. The biggest flipside of this phenomenon is the fact that since you have yourself cheated in the past, you suffer from a constant paranoia of being cheated by your partner too.

Living for the Moment

The mantra of – ‘live for the moment’ as propelled by the social media has thrown out ideas like ‘one love’ and ‘until death do us apart’ out of the window.

They meet online, like each other’s profiles, start chatting, exchange pictures, get to know better, may or may not engage in virtual sex and thereafter, if its works good, if not they are ready to call it quits and start it all over again. The emotional connect between couples being limited, it’s so much easier for couples to call it quits.

These short lived ‘bubble relationships’ of today that blossom in the veil of the virtual world fail to make room for a more meaningful relationship that can seldom flourish in just ‘the heat of the moment’.

However, loving in the virtual world isn’t as bad either. Experiences such as waking up to your beloved’s mushy messages followed by a host of cute gifs and emojis have lent a new definition to love. Life without these would indeed be so boring and lackluster!

And at the end of the day, social display of love and screaming your emotions over the social walls may work for you while it doesn’t work for someone else. So, the bottom line will always be – do your thing, but it’s always prudent for couples to avoid over indulgence in social media and keep the human element alive in your relationship.

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