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Sidhu’s Utterances on the Kapil Sharma Show Inappropriate – Advocate

Sidhu’s Utterances on the Kapil Sharma Show Inappropriate- Advocate

The Kapil Sharma Show has hogged the limelight umpteen times; for good reasons as well as for bad reasons. The show undoubtedly has numerous aficionados who leave everything else, sit in front of the couch and let Kapil tickle their funny bone.

However, every now and then, the show is surrounded by one controversy or the other. Recently the spat between Kapil Sharma and co-star Sunil Grover made headlines. Barely days after the controversy was uncovered, Navjot Singh Sidhu has been accused of cracking inappropriate jokes on the show.

HC Arora, an advocate at the Punjab and Haryana High Court has alleged that the former cricketer’s jokes and remarks on the TV show contravened provisions of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, and The Information and Technology (IT) Act, 2000. The advocate has stated that Sidhu’s utterances were vulgar and obscene.

HC Arora said, “I would, therefore, call upon you to convey my feelings to chief minister, that the situation has reached such alarming proportions that the chief minister must rein his colleague Navjot Singh Sidhu.”

There is a school of thought that wants Sidhu to pull out of Kapil Sharma Show. People who subscribe to this thought aver that it is a question of ethics and proprietary. Sidhu, being a government minister, should not feature in the comedy show.

Meanwhile, Navjot Singh Sidhu has reportedly missed a shoot of Kapil Sharma Show recently.

“Sidhuji didn’t show up for the episode we shot with Sonakshi Sinha this weekend. I think he is finding it hard to maintain his travel schedule while attending to his new responsibilities as a State Minister,” a person having knowledge of the matter was quoted as saying in the Hindustan Times.


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