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Drinking clean water ups asthma risk in children!

Drinking clean water ups asthma risk in children!What might come as a huge surprise, drinking clean water can actually spur the incidence of asthma.

While providing clean drinking water to everyone has been a global endeavor, the findings of a new study suggest that removing all impurities from the water spurs the risk of childhood asthma.

Researchers feel that the process of distillation also removes the ‘good’ bacteria required by the body for a healthy living.

According to the latest findings, clean water misses out on microscopic fungus or yeast known as Pichia. The presence of Pichia in the gut is linked to lower incidence of asthma in children and adults.

“That was a surprise because we tend to think that clean is good, but we realized that we actually need some dirt in the world to help protect you,” Brett Finlay, researcher from the University of British Columbia in Canada marked.

The findings of the study are based on an assessment of fecal samples and health information of 100 children in a rural village in Ecuador, a place grossly known for its asthma cases.

Findings revealed that these children missed out on the presence of gut bacteria thus more prone to asthma attacks.

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