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Google expansion! Offline Google maps for Androids

The Google Maps are in for a change and has introduced Offline features on Tuesday, defining another step in Google’s expansion. The Google Maps can be saved on the external SD cards of the android phones and they can be accessed anytime anywhere, offline.

The Android users can now turn on their Wi-Fi only mode, and while they save data and battery, they can simultaneously get an idea about the directions and reach where ever they want.

In a statement that has been sent by e-mail, Google has announced that it has introduced some innovative Google Maps offline features. The android users can save Google Maps to an external SD card, and can access these maps offline, whenever needed. Now the people can safely travel in areas where there is a dearth of connectivity.

The search giant has introduced this feature for the Android phones, but has not handed over any details regarding the facility for iOS users. You don’t have to fret over the inbuilt storage anymore; the external SD card will have the information you need.

All you have to do is go to:

Menu > Offline areas > Settings > Storage preferences > Device, and select SD card say the reports.

The maps can be accessed completely offline on Androids. For this go to Menu > Settings and select Wi-Fi only. This will upload, the data, users have downloaded from offline areas.

A major update had been announced for Android Google Maps last month and after that the “iOS app was updated with the option to navigate to multiple destinations, allowing users to add pit-stops mid-route – with the app dividing them into Point A, Point B, and so forth.”



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