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Security threat from legal immigrants, says Donald Trump

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, who is it going to be? The speculations and speeches continue. Donald Trump this time comments on the legal immigration system, saying that the legal migrants are a hazard to the US too.

Earlier Donald Trump had declared that he desired to protect United States by blocking the entrance of all foreign Muslims. Without naming any country, he had stated that he wanted to focus on stopping immigrants who hailed from places where terrorism was at an all time high. His speeches with time dropped the word “Muslim”, but his emotions make the issue and concern evident.

At Portland, Maine, Donald Trump, gave a speech saying that, the US should be vigilant of immigrants even if they have entered the country after a legal procedure. He hinted that these immigrants from different countries follow the legal path and obtain visas and citizenship legally, and then hatch plots to kill the innocent Americans. He gave a list of countries like Morocco,Yemen, Pakistan, Somalia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Syria, Afghanistan, the Philippines in his speech, though he did not name any country directly in relation to the subject.

Trump stated emotionally, “We’re letting people come in from terrorist nations that shouldn’t be allowed, because you can’t vet them. There’s no way of vetting them. You have no idea who they are. This could be the great Trojan horse of all time.”

Talking about the issue further he stated, “Hillary Clinton wants to have them come in by the hundreds of thousands, just remember. This has nothing to do with politics, folks. This is a whole different level. This has to do with pure, raw stupidity. Okay?”

Last year Trump had even called illegal immigrants from Mexico, as criminals and rapists. He proposed on deportation of illegal immigrants in US, and stated that a wall needs to be build all along the Mexico border so that drug traffickers, criminals, terrorists and illegal immigrants could be kept at bay.

Trump has the same attitude towards the Syrian refugees and has assured that he will “kick out all Syrian refugees currently in the country”. He had previously asked for a total shutdown of Muslims coming to US till the representatives of the country could understand what was happening. Reports confirm that he had even said “People don’t want me to say ‘Muslim.’ I guess I prefer not saying it, frankly, myself. So we’re talking about territories,” he statedTrump__Clinton-2-701x482, though he has not specified any specific areas.

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