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Ultimate Discovery! Microbots Developed For Surgery, Drug Delivery


The future of science and medicine is on the upsurge! As per new scientific findings, nanomachines (micro-robots) are being developed by scientists that will be used in surgery and will help in transferring the drug to the entire body.

As per an article published in the journal Nature Communications, Ecole Polytechnique Federale Lausanne (EPFL) and the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ), scientists have developed a microbot that can be able to change shape, and will be helpful in surgical operations.

While the research team is still working on perfecting this technology, results on every experiment performed on microbots are quite astounding. The nanobots were developed by transferring the nanoparticles inside a biocompatible hydrogel. The team also applied an electromagnetic field to shift the nanoparticles inside the biocompatible hydrogel.

The scientists believe that in the coming years this technology will take over the existing surgical practice and the way every drug is injected into the human body. The microbots, while not actually robots but more like a bacterium, are soft and flexible in shape and can be easily transferred to the bloodstream. As per the article, microbots will be able to transport through the entire body using its tail, with the help of the electromagnetic field.

Selman Sakar EPFL scientist commented, “We show that both a bacterium’s body and its flagellum play an important role in its movement.”

“Our new production method lets us test an array of shapes and combinations to obtain the best motion capability for a given task. Our research also provides valuable insight into how bacteria move inside the human body and adapt to changes in their microenvironment,” he added.

Researchers have confirmed that with the help of laser beams they will be able to change the shapes of these microbots. Scientists say that microbots are still at the development stage and they are looking for any side effects that these nanobots can cause to the human body.

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