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Good News! Job Opportunities in Australia on the Rise


Armed with a graduation degree but unable to procure a decent job? Migrating to Australia might be a good option now! According to the latest reports, job opportunities Down Under are increasing at a rapid rate. After the recent spurt in migration to Canada thanks to lucrative job prospects, Australia too is showing signs of increase in employment potential.

As per the Australian Bureau Of Statistics, employment is rising at a high rate with the increase of 7900 new employees reported. A record 11.94 million number of people are employed, which is heartening news for those who want to migrate to Australia for work.

Also, a recent change of policy in Australia is likely escalate employment opportunities in the country. An article posted by The Sydney Morning Herald revealed that more than 40 % of immigrants who had tertiary qualifications and came after 2010 got a job and are working in their field.

Lesleyanne Hawthorne, a migration expert from the University of Melbourne stated in an interview,”If you compare Canada and Australia in terms of skilled migration 15 years ago … about 60 per cent [of skilled migrants] were employed in six months.

“With Australia’s policy changes we’ve moved to 83 per cent within six months. Canada’s stayed pretty much the same.”

State-wise data also shows a definite growth, with Victoria and South Australia reporting an increase of 24,200 and 4,600 in employment respectively.

Australian Bureau Of statistics also posted the unemployment figure which is merely at 5.7% at the moment. The recent trend of studying abroad either in Canada, U.K or any other country has heightened the chances of landing a job. Australia is also exhibiting a surge in immigration.

Australia’s employment growth rate is at all time high, with male employment already increased by 27,300. Many experts believe that the employment figures are likely to grow in the months to come.

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