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India expels Chinese journalists! Serious consequences, says Chinese media

The Chinese media has threatened India with ‘serious consequences’ because India had refused three Chinese journalists entrance to the country. Beijing had blocked India in the

china india and China has stated that India is retaliating and taking “revenge” for this action.

Is India taking “revenge” from China for being blocked out of the NSG membership bid? That is what the Chinese media states! Just a day after it was disclosed that three Chinese Journalists have been expelled from India, China’s media is bristling with trepidation and has threatened the country with “serious consequences”. The Chinese state-run media has called “India has a suspicious mind” and has claimed that the action is prompted as a reaction to obtain “revenge due to the Nuclear Suppliers Group membership issue”.

The Beijing media has stated that the journos were expelled because India suspected that these three Chinese journalists were trying to get access into restricted and sensitive areas, by impersonation. China believes that India has refused them stay because these journalists were considered as a security threat. The media has also stated that the main reason for expulsion of journalists is because China was instrumental in stopping India from becoming a member of the elite and respected Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG. China was the main country which had refused India membership even after France and US urged on for it.

The China-run , Global Times gave a statement saying, “By opposing India’s NSG membership, China is not being disrespectful to India because it obeys the rule that all NSG members are required to be signatories to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.”

It is still not very clear whether the Journalists from China have been refused entry, expelled or whether the expired visas of these newsmen have been refused extension. The fact is that the three journalists are employed with Xinhua, the official news agency of China and they have been denied visa extension.

The media are insisting that Beijing should have a tit-for-tat approach and take action against India. The Global times has stated “On the visa issue this time, we should take actions to display our reaction. We at least should make a few Indians feel Chinese visas are also not easy to get,” Global Times wrote.

It seems Global times is showing a resentment towards the “soaring nationalism” in the Indian society and they claim that India, the strongest democracy, has a “strong sense of pride” .

There are reports travelling that the journalists were meeting activists from Tibet after changing their name and identity. Global Times has also alleged that Indian authorities have always hesitated in giving visas to the Chinese people whereas China easily permits Indians with Chinese visas.

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