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Kabali Review : Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ Gets People a Holiday


Thalaiva returns to the silver screen with his latest offering ‘Kabali’, one of the most anticipated movies of the year!

Directed by Pa Ranjith and produced by Kalaippuli S Thanu, “Kabali” that hit screens on July 22nd is a revenge story of an ageing gangster. Despite, the electrifying presence of megastar Rajnikanth, the movie’s long running time and confusing subplots drag it down.

The movie was embroiled in a controversy due its unfortunate online leak three days prior to its release, but it failed to impact the hype surrounding it. Rajinikanth’s powerhouse performance is amazing and his stellar dialogue delivery brings chills to even a casual moviegoer.

Without playing too much of a spoilsport lets outline the story-line of Kabali. It’s basically a gangster film with the typical over the top action sequences by 65-year-old Rajinikanth beating everyone thrown in.

The first half of the movie narrates the rise of Kabaleeswaran (Rajinikanth) as a Malaysian don who evokes fear but has a heart of gold. The second half is where the problems begin to surface. Now the aged crime boss has to fight other gang-lords and rescue his kidnapped wife from their clutches.

What is a big letdown for this Rajinikanth starrer is lack of solid screen play and confusing sub-plots. The water thin story tend to slow the pace of the movie, making it a tedious watch.

In technical aspects, the film is flawless, the production value is amazing and cinematography impeccable. Music is decent but the song placement not handled well. Radhika Apte, as Rajinikanth’s wife and Dhansika as a sniper impress. Winston Chao, on the other hand in his portrayal of the main villain is terrible.

Kabali, is still a Rajinikanth movie, complete with his magical style and swag. There is no doubt the flick will be a blockbuster down South. Many companies in Chennai and Bengaluru declared a holiday on the movie’s release with some even offering movie tickets to their employees.

Finally, Kabali is a must watch for Rajini’s hardcore fans. The whistling, clapping and dancing exhibited by viewers in response to Thalaiva’s dialogue delivery is unbelievable. While critics are calling Kabali a dud at box-office, Rajinikanth’s brilliant acting and mesmerizing persona will pull movie goers to the theaters.

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