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Will marriage pressure goad Salman to marry on November 18th?

The most talked about “marriage issue” of the country seems to be getting sorted out. Salman Khan seems to be getting hitched and he has revealed his wedding date as November 18th.

Good news and celebrations are round the corner it seems! The Bollywood super star Salman Khan has announced November 18th as his wedding date, after a hesitant pause. But this news confirms that our Khan Bhai is all ready for marital bliss.

Salman Khan is just “Being Human” and he has decided to break out of the “Forever alone” mode. Who is the lucky girl? Speculations are hinting that its none other than salman .Salman may be getting married on November 18th, and the coming months will be adding more fuel to the story.

At the launch of “Ace of Odds”, tennis star Sania Mirza’s autobiography, Bhai was popped the marriage question by none other than the “tennis star” herself. Sania rolled the question at him stating, “Everyone wants to know when are you getting married? It’s the most important question.” Answering the million dollar question, Salman took a pause and stated “18th November.”

Salman has also revealed at an event that he faces tremendous pressure for marriage and he blurted out “Aapko nahi pata mujhpe kitna pressure aata hai.” It seems that his sisters and mother want him to tie the knot soon.

But when he was questioned about the November 18th date, the Khan smilingly stated “Yeh 18 November kuch bees-pachees Novembers se chal raha hai…18 November hota hai ki nahi pata nahi kaunse saal may hota hai, but hoga.” He revealed that November 18th was his parents wedding anniversary and that was the reason he had picked it. Hearing this Sania Mirza smiled and teased him, “It’s okay, I think not many women are complaining that you are not getting married. It’s fine.”

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