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Have undisclosed income? Declare by Sept 30th, no questions, says PM

On Sunday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, seriously asked the people to declare their “undisclosed income by Sept 30th”, saying it’s their last chance. This is the last window of opportunity that the Government is offering to the people, and they can avoid problems if they declare their undisclosed income by the due date mentioned. Mr. Modi has announced that there will be “NO” questioning regarding the source of the assets and undisclosed income, if there is a voluntary declaration by September 30th.

Mr. Modi’s , “Mann ki baat”, the monthly radio programme had plenty tuned in when he announced, “For those having undisclosed income, the government has provided a special chance to declare it by September 30,”. He had stated that just by paying a penalty, people with undisclosed income can free themselves of other complicated burdens. He asserted to the people ,“I have promised that there will be no inquiry into the source of the undisclosed income and assets if the declaration is made voluntarily. That is why I am saying it is a good chance for becoming a part of transparent system. Let me tell the countrymen that this chance is till September 30th420312-modi. Consider this as the last chance.”

He has advised the people to take the advantage of this window provided and stay away from difficulties that they may face later for not abiding by the taxation rules. He has asked the BJP MP’s that no help will be extended to the defaulters after the September 30th.

Earlier people used to hide income to save taxes but now times have changed and it’s not very difficult for a tax payer to fall in with the rules laid down by the Government, said the PM. But for some “Still, old habits die hard,” and they avoid paying up tax, he said. Mr. Modi asserted, “My plea is that by running away from rules, we lose our peace. Any small person can harass us. Why should we let it happen? Why not ourselves give correct information to the government about our income, about our wealth? For once, dispose-off the baggage of the past. I appeal to my countrymen to get free from this.”

The PM spoke about his interaction with Income Tax, Customs and Excise authorities here, and said that the countrymen are not “thieves” and they will definitely become law-abiding citizens. He said that an atmosphere of trust would definitely change the approach of the countrymen in future.

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