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Immigration woes! UK population touches 65 million

If given a chance most of the immigrants to the United Kingdom have a tendency to settle down in London, this has been proved as nearly 40% of the migrants who arrive in Wales and England, set up base in London.

The official figures that have been revealed, state that the immigrants have aided the British population to reach out to a figure “more than 65 million last year”. The net immigration is said to be responsible for almost 2/3rd increase in population. The migrants, almost 40% of the lot, move on to London and the least number have decided to stay in Wales.

UK also reports of a rapid increase in old people and the number of people over 65 years is said to be “rising by more than a fifth in a decade to reach 11.6 million.” The number of people over 85 years has increased “by almost a third from 1.17 million in 2005 to 1.52 million last year”. Statistics obtained from the Office for National Statistics confirm that people more than 90 years in the country amount to about half a million.

According to the 2015, population estimates for national growth, i.e. numbers of babies born as compared to the deaths that have taken place in the region are about 171,000. The net migration shows a figure of 335,600, and this increases the population numbers by almost 513,000 the total amounting to about 65.1 million.

The Migration Watch UK, that professes lower migration numbers, spoke about the augmenting population and its Vice Chairman, Alp Mehmet, claims that “These figures confirm that our population is growing by around half a million annually. At this rate the UK population will increase by 10 million over the next two decades and continue to go up. As the population grows beyond our capability to provide for it, pressure on housing, schooling, healthcare and transport will become ever more critical. This is unacceptable to the majority of the public who wish to see net migration reduced.”

Excess of births and lesser mortality rates along with the net migration figures are pushing UK to mark the topmost place on the uk of Europe.

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