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Drug epidemic shocks Punjab! First men, now women into drugs

The drug noose is winding tighter and tighter around Punjab say reports. The reports regarding men being enveloped in the lure of drugs was heard earlier also but now news of thousands of women involved in substance abuse, have raised their heads. Gone are the days when women expressed worry about their errant husbands, brothers and fathers, they are now trapped in a similar drug trap.
Women who have shriveled bodies and cracked lips are often seen crowding at Punjab’s de-addiction centers. They are trapped in a raging battle for their own health, and many women have been noticed openly “doing drugs” at universities, homes and colleges. Families turn their faces away from the drugged women and do not want to extend help to this harried lot, though these ladies go out of the way for their men.
Many girls have reported that their boyfriends introduced them to alcohol and cigarettes. This opened the pathway to “heroin addiction”. At one time heroin addiction was just a male oriented problem. Women in the age group of 18-40 years have started abusing drugs openly, and many of them are being taken to the de-addiction centers for treatment. These women normally start to abuse drugs for solace from a traumatic life full of drug
Reports say that thousands of women are hooked onto drugs and this has become evident after the controversy regarding the movie “Udta Punjab” has raised its head.
Dr. Bhatia, a psychiatrist, running a de-addiction center has stated “Two big reasons behind a women’s drug addiction in Punjab are low-self esteem and upward mobility. The women and girls want to become fashionable and want to show that they are open. The simplest way to reach out to the rich and influential is to join the parties where hookahs, liquor and drugs are served openly. The women start with a cigarette or a small peg of wine or liquor. The habit later transcends and they become drug addicts or hardcore alcoholics.”
Sexual abuse is commonly seen in these women and Jasbir Singh, a former druggie states “They become slaves when they do not have money to buy heroin. They surrender themselves to the ‘friends’ or peddlers who exploit them sexually.” It is often mistaken that the woman has been possessed by ghosts or evil spirits whereas there are 31 rehabilitation centers running in Punjab. Is there any help for these women?

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