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Apple or Google? What’s your choice going to be?

Google and Apple, both corporate mega giants of the Silicon Valley, are still at loggerheads for the No. 1 battle. The contest is on and the two different business models have equal chances at winning the game, let’s see who makes it first?

Alphabet , Google’s parent company had moved on ahead of Apple for a short while on the basis of market value, but then surging ahead Apple quickly fought back for its leader position. It got back, lost and then got back the top slot in May, but the war surges on unabated.

On Friday, Apple’s market value was marked at $522 billion and Alphabet was close on its heels at $496 billion. Both Alphabet and Apple are amongst the favorite of the people say the reports.

Apple is famous for its “must-have” i-gadgets and iPhones that seem to have set a trend worldwide but according to Roger Kay, analyst at Endpoint Technologies Associates these “appears to be a little bit immobile”. In the last 12 months Apple has shown a decline of almost 30% and the conglomerate is struggling to maintain its top position though the profit scales are showing a fall because of the slow growth pattern.

No major hit products may be the reason for losing its place as the innovation leader for Apple says Kay, who stated “They haven’t really changed the nature of the game. The (Apple) Watch came in, it was kind of interesting, people liked it… but developers are still searching for exactly how to use it.” Google seems to have been steady with its Android operating system and is slowly turning to be a leader in mobiles.

Google the invaluable search engine is also into “moon shots” that will mean investing in self-driving cars, internet balloons and fiber networks. Talking about Google achievements , Mark Mahaney the RBC Capital Markets analyst wrote in a research note saying that the company Google “has positioned itself well, through organic investments and acquisitions, for most of the major trends in consumer Internet: mobile, video, local.”apple google

Speaking about Google working hard to make gold, Kay also analyzed “The narrative that has boosted Google is the one about technology innovation and being at the wellhead of various important technologies. That may or may not finally pay off. But they’re looking. They’re using their money to try to find innovative things to make the next big thing, whatever it is.”

Meanwhile, Apple is in wait for September when it will unveil the “iPhone 7” and is all jitters about whether this can take the company to another level of business. The Smartphone markets are sloshed with Google and Apple products, where Apple has its own software and hardware, and Google outsources Android softwares for its handsets mostly from the inexpensive manufacturers. Which is the public choice to be? This remains to be seen!

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