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‘Call Back’ feature for WhatsApp soon

WhatsApp knows how to play the game well! The App will soon be getting a few interesting new features for its Android and iOS users say the tech reports. According to WhatsApp , it has been designed to make friends keep in touch and share important information with each other in case of natural disasters , seek a better quality of life and reconnect separated families with each other. Don’t forget you share your most private moments on WhatsApp so any added feature just makes the App more of a favorite!whatsapp-afp-640-624x351

Phone Radar reports that WhatsApp is planning to get a “call back” feature that will help the users to connect to their friends and call them back with a tap on the screen. The users do not have to open the App to operate the feature, as the button for call back will be included in the Notification pane , right alongside the other call notifications of WhatsApp.  Reports are stating that the new features are currently being tested by WhatsApp under its beta programme. The support needed to share zip files is already under the WhatsApp agenda and this will permit the user to enjoy the exchange of larger files. Now connectivity is going to reach another easier level, and this is all thanks to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp had recently integrated the end-to-end encryption feature to all its messages and this has made sure that the messages are received and read only by the person they are sent to. Claiming to have privacy and security in its DNA, WhatsApp displayed a message on its screens saying “Messages you sent to this chat and calls are now secured with end-to-end encryption, which means WhatsApp and third parties can’t read or listen to them. Your videos, messages, voice messages, photos, documents and calls will be protected from falling into the hands of wrong people with the help of encryption.

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