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lackadaisical immigration rules ? Is the ‘terror’ enemy within Europe?

Europe, especially Belgium, hosts the enemy within its boundaries without any idea about it, and this is turning out to be a real cause for concern. Radical Islamic terrorism has started to spread its tentacles deep inside Molenbreek, in Brussels, and this needs prompt attention right away. MEEU_11_Terrorism-800x400
The Madrid subway bombings that took place in 2004, were categorized as one of the most lethal Islamic terrorist killings that actually dug fear and terror deep within the continent. Digging further into the matter, it was discovered that the terrorists showed a link to Molenbeek, the same way as the Paris attacks, whose roots were also here. The Paris attack terrorists, were born and lived all their young lives and childhood in Molenbeek, say reports.
This time the Islamic terrorists have struck closer, in Brussels. They blew themselves in the blasts that have destroyed the homes of dozens of people. Islamic state has taken the responsibility for these deadly simultaneous blasts that have killed many and injured numerous people.
A few days before the Brussels blasts, Salah Abdeslam , an architect instrumental in the Paris slaughters was arrested from Molenbeek where he was staying in shelter offered by his community. Molenbeek, is a poor muslim neighborhood that actually is a breeding ground for Islamic terrorism, say reports. The community is closed and disenfranchised and people have been known to smuggle weapons, plan attacks and decide escape routes from here, far away from the eye of the other locals.
But Molenbeek is not the only one, there are thousands of other European neighborhoods which have been labeled as the ‘no-go zones” because the non-Muslims stay away from here and the Police prefer to maintain a distance. There are not many radical Islamics putting up in the area, but the people living here are harboring deserter terrorists, confirm speculations.
Europe is suddenly experiencing an extensive infrastructure of terrorism that can be categorized as a brewing insurgency. Sadly there are hardly any isolated terrorists who are operating from here; on the other hand there is an influx of Jihadis hiding amongst the closed communities. It’s been decades since these communities are forming associations and all this is because of the half hearted and carelessly maintained immigration laws.
Europe had been selecting immigrants without a thought about their educational qualifications and professional skills. Family reunification and unskilled laborers are the ones who immigrate to Europe. These Newcomers were left unattended to form their personal civil societies and were never urged to adopt the values, laws, history, and language of Europe, the host country. A sense of ‘lack of affection’, unemployment, and radical approach towards Islamic terrorists filled poison in the ears of the immigrants. Borders need to be better patrolled and multiculturalism needs to be planned for a safer Europe.

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