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Even Apple says it can’t hack the ‘new developing’ iPhone?


The Government better spruce up its investigative measures because the Apple Engineers are hand at work on the iPhone. They are determined not to let a locked iPhone be peeked into by anyone. Security up-gradation by Apple is at work, people!
Experts are certain that Apple is going to do it right considering the way the Engineers are up to their ears with measures to upgrade the security measures. If their way is successful, then the law enforcement agencies will have to exercise all their technical knowledge to take a glance into the data stored in the iPhone. The courts may keep ordering wiretapping by the Feds, and the companies may have to let them gain access to private information, but Apple researches will continue to make the security measures on the iPHone better than before. Till now Google and Apple have managed to resist the legislation to make their data accessible but what if the Congress demands otherwise?

Software companies are constantly on the lookout for patched holes and software bugs to protect their codes from getting hacked. The operating systems made by Apple recently make sure that they protect all information about the customer and Timothy .D. Cook, the executive chief, made a statement saying “We have even put that data out of our own reach, because we believe the contents of your iPhone are none of our business.”
But the iPhone can be updated by the company and the system software can accessed without the users password entry. This was done by the company primarily to repair the iPhones that malfunctioned. There have been some famous legal cases where the F.B.I needed to hack into the iPhone though those were the old phones, but can the newer phones have their software tampered with? Apple engineers are busy working so that this cannot be done.
Jonathan Zdziarski, a security researcher has stated “There are probably 50 different ideas we have all sent to Apple.” Apple appreciates the people who find bugs in the software prepared by the company. Recently Apple was asked to slice through its own code and according to Mr. Zdziarski “This is the first time that Apple has been included in their own threat model. I don’t think Apple ever considered becoming a compelled arm of the government.”
Talking about this compulsion, Cook, stated “The U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. So what will be the next course of action? Is now is the time to introduce an unbreakable lock in the iPhone, what say people?

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