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Indians Lead the World in Selfie-Related Deaths in 2015

Indians Lead the World in Selfie Related Deaths in 2015

Technology boon has its own flip side too. While selfie trend was quick to be adopted by men and women across ages, its harsh reality is too following soon.

According to Washington Post, Indians have led the world in selfie-related deaths in 2015. Of the 27 selfie-related deaths around the world, at least half took place in India, the report highlighted.

Ironically, the passion and addiction to take selfies is not going to die anytime soon, a senior police officer from the Mumbai branch feels.

Thus in order to curb the menace, the Mumbai Police has initiated the process of identifying and marking certain spots in the city as ‘no selfie zones’.

This step taken by the police will discourage people from taking selfies in such zone; thus preventing them from putting themselves at risk while photographing themselves.

“We are in the process of identifying and then marking a few locations in the city where clicking selfies will not be allowed,” the senior police officer averred.

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