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Why F-1 visa Students from AP, were denied US entry? Study pointers below

Reports confirm that some students from Andhra Pradesh with F-1 visa had their visas revoked and they were not given permission to enter America. This has prompted TANA, The Telugu Association of North America, to state that the F-1 visa students “should not plan to get part-time jobs in the US”.

Regarding the barring of entry of students with the f1 visa Chowdary Jampala the president of TANA, has been forced to say that the students on the F-1 visas to the States should not get part-time jobs there. He is already taking on the subject of revoking of F-1 visas with various government agencies.

Officials from TANA along with the students, students families, universities involved, immigration departments, airlines, India’s Union ministry of external affairs, US Citizenship and Immigration services, and Indian Embassy are working for the benefit of these students and are trying to find a way out of this crisis says Dr. Chowdary, the president of TANA.

Dr. V. Chowdary Jampala, President, TANA gave his statement and said “It appears that all students coming to US on new F-1 visas are being screened thoroughly at the airports and these screenings are taking a long time. Most of these students are being allowed entry after they satisfy the immigration authorities of their credentials. However, a few students have been denied entry at various airports.”

It is the US Department of Homeland Security officials who peer through the bonafides of students who are planning to enter US and they need to be sure of the visa holder’s intention and credential genuinity before they allow them to enter.

According to Jampala “The reasons for denial of entry appear to vary. It is our understanding that these include the failure of the students to speak confidently about what they plan to be studying, where they plan to live and how they plan to pay for their tuition and living expenses. Some of those denied visa were not able to demonstrate having adequate financial resources and told the immigration authorities that they planned to get part-time jobs which is not allowed by the law. Some students had with them documents like applications for Social Security numbers leading to questions about their intentions. In some cases, some of the documents furnished by the applicants could not be verified and were suspected to be fraudulent.”

He felt that parents and families do feel very anxious about the future of their children and fret over their winter and spring session studies. But he said that students who genuinely go to the States to study and follow laws and regulations set down by the US immigration authorities. Watch out for all this:
Students planning on pursuing study abroad, needs to pursue education from a university that has a good reputation, in the world of education.

  1. Pay attention to the attendance rules and CPT rules, check out all meticulously.
  2. Consultants can fool a customer, research before you enroll with a University.
  3. The documentation you carry for the immigration authorities needs to be verifiable and genuine.
  4. Talk confidently about your future plans of education and hand over details of the finances needed for education and living in US.
  5. Don’t be nervous when you talk and do not render any kind of false statement or document to the immigration authority.
  6. The port of entry also carries out a thorough screening process, be patient.
  7. You may need cash at the airports, carry a sufficient amount.
  8. For extra details Jampala has insisted people to email for information to He stated that “We also urge all students, visitors and their families to familiarize yourself with the TANA publication,Guidelines for Staying Safe in America, available free at Pursuing higher studies in USA is a great opportunity for education and we are glad to note so many students of Telugu origin availing of this opportunity.”

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