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Weight gain? It may be a protein refusing to accept fat burn

And, you slogged and dieted but still the calories refused to shed your frame! Wondering why this happened? A new research confirms that if you can’t lose weight, then it may be because of a protein in the body that resists fat burn. Is this the reason for metabolic diseases and obesity? The researchers are trying to find out the implications of these findings.

Body is made up of fat cells, some that store excess energy to release when required, and some called brown adipocytes, that help the body in the process of heat generation or thermogenesis. These brown adipocytes produce heat to keep the body warm. The scientists have stated that the more plump or overweight we are; then maybe the body is producing a protein that halts the ability of the body to burn fat. Researchers say that there is sLR11, a protein in the body, which halts or restrains the fat burning process.weight gain

Researchers from the study have stated that “If you find it incredibly hard to lose weight, it is because the stored fat in the body is actively fighting against your efforts to burn it off at the molecular level”.

Mice were used for the experiment by researchers at the Wellcome Trust-Medical Research Council Institute of Metabolic Sciences at the University of Cambridge, UK, and Toho University, Japan, and they said that the mice in the study sample did not have the gene that promotes the production of this “protein” and they found out that the mice did not gain weight. Humans and mice start to show a little increase in metabolic rate when they start taking a higher calorie diet as compared to a lower one. In the experiment, the mice without the gene, showed a faster BMR when administered a higher calorie diet and burnt calories faster.

The authors suggested “ helps fat cells resist burning too much fat during ‘spikes’ in other metabolic signals following large meals or short term drops in temperature. This in turn makes adipose tissue more effective at storing energy over long periods of time.”

Andrew Whittle, joint first author, of the study feels that this may explain why people who are overweight find it extremely difficult to shed weight. The fat already stored in the body fights against the individual

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