Posted by Dinesh Dhiman on February 24, 2013

Fauja Singh, the oldest marathon runner in the world, announced his retirement at the age of 101!

Nicknamed "Turbaned Tornado", Singh participated in the 10-km Hong Kong marathon and completed it in 1 hour 32 minitues and 28 seconds. He took 30 seconds less than last time in order to achieve the feat.

The Indian born UK national was ecstatic. "Today is one of my happiest days,” he beamed while talking to media persons through an interpreter after he crossed the finish line at the marathon.

"I felt so fresh and so good. I felt I'm full of power today.

"I will remember this day and I will miss it, but I will not stop running for charity," added Singh. His supporters mobbed him after he completed the marathon.

Singh started running at the age of 89 after moving to the UK from Punjab. He has been a regular at marathons across the UK, the US, Canada, and India.

Singh clocked 5 hours, 40 minutes and four seconds in a marathon in Toronto, his best effort till date. He says he will quit running in competitive events, but would not stop the practice for his personal fitness.

Singh, who would turn 102 on April 1 this year, took up the sport seriously 12 years back after the death of his wife and his son. He is widely acknowledged as the world's oldest runner, but the Guinness World Records refuses to acknowledge his feat, citing the absence of a valid birth proof.

Fauja Singh says that birth certificates were not available in colonial India when he was born, so he does not have the same.