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Creating a More Positive and Loving ‘You’

Believe it or not, your mind is supreme. It is capable of not only changing your life but also that of several others around you. All this and more can happen only if you are positive in your outlook and ready to give the whole idea a chance. So, how about beginning your journey towards becoming a more loving and positive person right now with these simple to follow steps?150478_490576784329165_529898412_n

Believe in Magic

Magic, they say, happens for those who believe in them. So, do yourself a favour, start believing that your life too will change and be filled with all the goodness you have always wished and prayed for. And, your prayers are sure to be answered.

Break the Habit

Thinking of your problems and being unhappy about them is a habit. Break it right away and for a change start focusing your attention on all that you have. Then think about all that you want by imagining that you already have it. For example, if you want a particular contract, imagine you already have it and are working hard towards fulfilling it.

Day dreaming is not bad unless you allow it to interfere with your productivity. You will soon realise that the only thing lying between you and the fulfillment of your dreams is your negative thoughts. So, get rid of them now.

Tit for Tat

Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. If you wish the others to treat you with love and respect, be ready to give exactly that to them first. Goodness is one thing you should never be parsimonious about. The more you give the greater you are bound to receive in return. So, be polite, loving, appreciative, and trusting in your attitude towards others and enjoy a similar treatment from others.

Dumping Emotional Garbage

You might have gone through hell the entire day, but does that mean you can come back home and dump all the emotional garbage on your spouse and kids? If you have a problem, talk about it to those you love rather than blaming them for all the problems that you have. You loved ones definitely deserve a better treatment than that. Even when criticism becomes unavoidable (whether at home or your workplace) there are better ways to put across your point and getting angry and worked-up is definitely not the best option available.

Mind your Language

Your choice of words can play a huge role in determining how the other person feels about what you say, therefore be more careful about your words. Try and make positive words a part of your daily lingo. Using the 5 magic words you learnt in school more often, is a good idea too. Your body language can also play a huge part in determining what kind of a parson you come across to those you interact with. So, make sure that when you use good word you use a positive body language to support them too.

Accept Defeat

You are a human after-all and can’t always be right. So, learn to accept your defeat gracefully. Accepting defeat gracefully also involves congratulating the ones who have won and appreciating them for their wonder work/attempt. That way you have won the race no matter what its outcome.

Accept Change

Change being the only permanent thing in your life; accept it with open arms rather than showing inertia towards it. Be it technological, physiological, biological or social, the more open you are towards change, the easier it will be for you to adapt. The same goes for analyzing the changes that are desired in your life. For example, if you think your current set of friends are doing you more harm than good, please go ahead and change your company. It could do you heaps of good.

All said and done, being positive and good cannot come in a day and therefore patience is the key.


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