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First Date: 5 Ways to Make an Impact!

For the clueless, here’s how to make that positive first impression on your date. Remember, every little thing counts:

1. Be on Time
The first thing that you will be examined on is punctuality. It’s a rare trait and will fetch you brownie points in overall impression.

Also, when you are on time, you acknowledge the importance of your date’s time. No one likes to wait, especially on the first date.rsz_first-date-flowers

2. Dress to Impress, Not to Kill
It is important that you understand the difference in looking like a “siren” and looking “attractive”. Men must not open more than two buttons of their shirt and women should not put on too revealing a dress.

Your dress will reflect the person that you are. If you are a self-respecting person, dress like one.

3. Choose a Comfortable Venue
Choose a place to meet which is comfortable for both of you and where there are least chances of coming across known people.

4. Smile Often
Keep smiling. It will reflect your positive attitude, which works like a magnet itself.

5. Talk Less, Listen More
People like to talk. Being a good listener will help you fetch further points.

Also, listening more can be an interesting way to know your date, something you cannot do if you’re talking most of the times. You may leave your side of talking for the next date.

According to a clinical psychologist, Dr. Shivani Gupte, “A first date typically is meant to know the person to some extent and leave scope that you would meet again.”

Keep in Mind Never to…
• Mention your past relations

• Ask personal questions too directly

• Affirm that you will call when you do not intend to

To conclude, be at your best behavior and leave the rest for the next time



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