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Worried about the relationship? Seven blunders that you might be doing to put him off

Nitpicking and Nagging
Now, you say this twice, thrice and almost daily that the tee is not looking good on him, he wore the same shoes again or how he always grease himself up. He might take off the tee whenever you remind him but the constant nagging on the topic especially in the happy times!! Eeerr don””””t t do that.

No one likes their flaws to be pointed. and men? Certainly NOT. So rather than nagging, make sure that you point it out in a subtle manner or be smart and tell him that the other one suits him better!!rsz_couple_arguing

He is my everything
How romantic! It is not that romantic actually, but hopeless. It gets erratic when you alienate your friends when you are in a relationship. Get yourself a life, make sure that you have friends around, whom you can approach when he is not there. Or else, before you even realize, he might be busy in office meetings and you would be either shuffling channels, flipping magazines or checking if “anyone alive out there”!

Its OUR time now… ooops important call
Don’t do that! Nothing is torturing that seeing your time together getting messed up because of office tension, some siblings rivalry or any friend issues. Keep them for later and save this for two of you. If you really need to talk something out, do it but don’t let it direct the course of your conversation.

When is he going to ask 

Probably NEVER! If you will show yourself that desperate to him, its a BIG turn off!! Besides are you sure after 2-3 months of dating he is the one? C’mon think about the last one who chickened out! Give the other person some time he might want to take things slowly or probably, distantly he might not have even thought about it.

Questioning, doubting, wondering
Women can’t help it. NOPE! They want to dig out more and more, just out of curiosity. But that’s not the same in men’s case unless it does not concern them, of course. So hold your horses before you start firing at him- why the phone was busy? Who was online? Your ex? Why would a friend call so late? And concluding with the most famous and cliche line “I think we have had enough of each other”. A guy may come after running you and explaining himself, but believe me, his patience soon will be over and the questions may backfire on you! So be wise and trust him.

Whining and venting out?
Men listen or they pretend to listen. Whatever the case is with your guy, don””””t go overboard. You want a patient ear, he would lend it to you but not when you are constantly rattling about the same thing again and again. He might offer a line or two to pacify you, but his patience soon will be over. Where are your girlfriends by the way? Girls do better back biting together rather than guys! Go ahead and save your relationship.

Your mom- My dad
When you are in a steady relationship this is a situation that often if the reason for the fight in couples. Like you love your parents he too deserves a right to stand for them So don’t cut him short saying he sides by them or doesn’t love you enough. Try to understand not judge them.



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