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Take care of delicate skin during blissful pregnancy

The lotions, oils, and creams have the capability of entering into the blood stream through the skin and can at times be harmful for the safety of the unborn child. After childbirth the products may need to be screened carefully as the woman breast feeds her newborn. So what do we do about the “neglected” skin? Let read on:beauty-and-personal-care-during-pregnancy

Unsafe products

Many products have been specially designed to be safe for use during the delicate pregnant state. Products like Salicylic acid used for exfoliating skin and cleansing pores can also cause birth defects in the baby. Also remember to stay away from the Alpha Hydroxy acids and the Beta Hydroxy acids, say the experts. The experts also warn the pregnant ladies against the use of Retenoids, especially high Vitamin A doses and Isotretinoin that can also cause birth defects. Maybe we can advise you to use some organic skin care products after consultation from an obstetrician.

 Common skin disorders in pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to overproduction of hormones like estrogen, progesterone and melanin leading to skin discolorations called melasma. This normally happens in the third trimester of pregnancy and is aggravated by UV rays. So use a safe sunscreen for protecting the skin from dark patches. A concealer can also be used on the patches. The increasing girth of the pregnant lady shows up as “stretch marks” on the skin.

There is no other way out, all we can do is drink lots of water and take the nutrients and vitamins along with a healthy diet as recommended by the physician. Light rub a washcloth on the stretched area to increase the blood flow to it and apply natural emollients to the breasts and stomach. Cocoa butter is the ideal choice here.

For acne breakouts one can use prescription medications advised by an obstetrician or wait for them to clear out on their own. The makeup products should be of the non comedogenic variety and use a mild cleanser to remove oils.

 General advice
1. Moisturize skin at all times and use mild cleanser to remove oil traces from skin.

2. For cracked and painful nipples use a medicated cream as adviced by the doctor.

3. Use a refreshing foot massage gel made out of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil or ,menthol for moisturizing the feet .

4. Take a vitamin C enriched diet and take regular rest to avoid varicose veins.

5. Dry skin should be moisturized by tinted moisturizers or hydrating foundations if you need make up

6. A dash of blusher can add pink to those tired cheeks.

7. Snatch plenty of rest , try to get 8 hours of shut eye if possible .

8. Puffy tired eyes can be soothed by cool compresses, used tea bags, and cucumber slices.

Lastly, a dull face can always be brightened by a dash of color to the lips. So go on apply some luscious lip color that is safely permitted by the doctor. Another piece of advice is to brighten the skin naturally by beating stress blues by doing Yoga and meditation.


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