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Simple tips for how to have healthy and glowing skin

 Foods to keep blood sugar in control

Years ago it was found out that foods do not affect the skin, but now research confirms that food that is eaten needs to keep the blood sugar levels steady and not get it erratic. Sugary foods like a granola bar, a sweetened drink, or a cookie etc lead to the production of more insulin to help absorb the extra sugar in the body.

It is seen that people who take the foods with low glycemic load have shown an improvement in their acne, but another study refutes this claim. The study mentioned in a dermatology journal states that a proper association between the insulin level, acne and glycemic load have yet to be supported properly.

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As of now it is necessary to take foods with a lower GI as they increase the insulin production gradually instead of increasing it.

Vegetables have always taken the crown when it comes to a healthy diet. Experts say that 10 fist sized servings of deep and bright colored veggies provide antioxidants to the body. This helps keeping the inflammation down and control damage done to the cells in the body. But try to stay away from the veggies with high Glycemic Index.

Try to stick to smaller meals every 2-3 hours as that helps in keeping insulin and blood sugar levels steady.

 Dairy Products

Some researchers have also found out that milk contains components promoting testosterone. These stimulate oil glands in the skin leading to a break out of acne. Various theories point out that curbing the desire for dairy products has shown improvement in skin break outs. But remember, diet should be balanced. Dairy products from different sources may also make a difference, so try to mark the one you are most tolerant to.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods promote inflammation so learn to control such foods in your diet. Try to reduce use of canola, corn or sunflower oil. Eat more fish products like mackerel and salmon that are rich in omega 3 fatty acids in order to keep the levels of omega 6 fatty acids down.

 Gluten diet

Some people are unable to accommodate gluten in their diet. They are at times not even aware of it but need to stay away from gluten as it can harm their intestines and skin.

Make it a point to ask the doctor before you change the diet pattern, we don’t want to compromise our balanced diet, do we?


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