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Shine your best at 40, with radiantly youthful skin

All you have to do is follow an easy skin routine for healthy skin and glow away. Just flick your imperfections aside and age with poise. It’s the cosmetics that can be of great help so read on for a simple beauty regime:

Use a soft exfoliating scrub

Its necessary to get rid of those dead cells, dust, oil and dirt that can clog the skin pores . So exfoliate the skin with a soft scrub and reveal the smooth skin underneath. Don’t rub hard on the skin. The skin needs to look glowing instead or red and inflamed.rsz_2820cf7d00000578-3061083-image-m-26_1430325291240

Anti aging creams 

As age creeps on, the skin starts to lose its elasticity. There are various anti aging cosmetics that increase firmness and reduce sagging by boosting up the skin with peptides. This will help maintain the skin’s elasticity.

Use loads of moisturizers

With age the skin tends to loose its suppleness and moisture content. It starts to get dry and parched. The oil glands do not secrete an adequate amount of oil as their activity reduces with age. So slurp the skin with dollops of oil based moisturizer that has been prepared with alpha hydroxyl acids/antioxidants with petroleum as a base. This combination will help keep the wrinkles at bay.

Primer must before makeup

Splash a primer on your face before makeup. This helps in aiding the makeup stay on for a longer time and also makes the application smooth.

Pull attention to your eyes

If you beautify your eyes attractively it will pull the attention of the onlooker. Now when you have beautifully made up eyes why will you glance towards the lines and wrinkles! Leave the glittery and shimmery eye shadows alone and age confidently with the matte eye shadows that accentuate your eyes.

The tell tale under eyes

Puffy eyes and dark circles are a “No-No” on a night out. Always stick to a good under eye cream before hitting the sack at night. Use a good concealer to hide the tell tale under eyes as a part of makeup. Drink loads of water and sleep properly.

Say no to dark lip colors

Dark lipsticks should be avoided at all costs. The light pinks and browns are a safe bet. Finally try to stick to a properly blended blusher as a part of the makeup regime. Also be on the lookout for acne scare, sunspots and dark spots. Use a dark spot corrector with Vitamin C as it will help reduce the spots in the long run also.

Last but not the least keep your sunscreen handy at all times!

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