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7 Ways to Handle a Crush on Co-worker

1.Check Company Policy:When people become infatuated with someone, they often stop thinking clearly and fail to consider how the company’s senior management, the HR and legal department will view this situation.

Most companies frown upon romantic attachments amongst employees working together in the same department. Company policy may not favor a manager or supervisor developing feelings for a subordinate. This leaves the company open to the threat of a sexual harassment law suit if things get messy.Developing-an-Office-Crush

When co-workers begin dating, certain organizations require that one individual be moved to another department. It is necessary to keep these things in mind before you decide to act on your feelings and declare your affection.

2.Remember that You Are a Professional: You are a professional who is being paid to work. Always remember this and do not let your feelings get in the way of your work commitments. Projects still need to be completed. So do not spend too much time indulging in romantic fantasies or staring longingly at the object of your affection. Staring dreamily for long periods of time will make you look stupid.

Remember to dress right. You may want to let the guy/girl you have a crush on, know how great you look and what an attractive body you have. Clothes are a great way to show off your body to an advantage. But pick clothes that are work appropriate. Mini skirts and dresses with plunging necklines need to be avoided. They will tarnish your professional reputation.

While sending a lovey-dovey email to your crush, ensure that you do not accidently send it to another co-worker.

3.Check Body Language: It is okay to use subtle gestures to let the person you have a crush on know that you think he/she is special.
But refrain from going overboard.

Try your best to control actions like focusing your attention entirely on your crush at a board meeting, giggling uncontrollably when discussing work projects, fidgeting and playing nervously with your hair when the guy/girl you have a crush on is around. This kind of behavior can harm your professional image and lead to office gossip.

4.Respect the Other Person’s Space: Refrain from imposing your attention on the object of your affection. Do not land up in your crush’s cubicle a dozen times a day. Do not sneak up unannounced or accidently brush up against the person who has sparked your interest. There is often just a fine line between affection and harassment. So make sure you do not cross it.

5.Be Prepared for Rejection: The person you have a crush on may not feel the same way about you. He/she may just want a healthy professional relationship and nothing more. Respect the other person’s right to say ‘no,’ and withdraw gracefully.

6.Consider the Consequences: Consider the pros and cons of an office romance before you choose to indulge your weakness for a particular person or declare your feelings.

There are many advantages to dating someone from your office. You do not have to spend huge amounts of time trying to get to know him/her. You may share similar career goals and work interests and therefore, may understand each other better. When you miss each other’s company you could just walk together into the office cafeteria for a quick coffee break.

However, there are disadvantages as well. If things do not work out, there could be some awkwardness between the two of you.

7.Bring Up the Matter Tactfully: If you want to pursue the matter after considering all the issues involved, have a brief honest discussion in private about how you feel with the person who has caught your eye. Then ask the person out politely. Don’t forget to mention that you understand that he/she may not feel the same way about you. Be clear that you are willing to accept this and this will not jeopardise your professional relationship.

At times the temptation to flirt with your co-workers or indulge in a seemingly harmless office romance is too strong to resist. But never let your feelings jeopardise your long term career goals.


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