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Are milk and milk products good enough for body?

The slurpy chips packet or the pizza showered with mozzarella may not be categorized as healthy foods, but are the loved and relished dairy products as good as everyone claims. Maybe may be not, they have a darker side for sure, say the experts. You can benefit amazingly by filtering off the bad fats and calories that are encased deep inside the dairy products, read on for more:

A large number of people are unaware that they are intolerant to lactose and they go on stuffing their bodies with dairy products. They suffer from various gastrointestinal problems and have to suffer days of discomfort, though they have no idea that this is because of their inability to digest this natural sugar in milk and milk products. Just skip those white products from the diet and see how your stomach woes disappear.
Common problems related to digestion like constipation, gas and bloating can be cured in no time with abstinence from dairy products.

Cut down the calories
Dairy consumption contributes to fat deposits and weight gain, says the reports. You can get a slimmer and healthier body if you skip the white food products from your daily meal intake. There have been studies where children have confirmed that milk is directly proportional to the weight gain and they have added calories with more the milk they have. Try skipping the dairy products from your diet you may just see a slimmer you.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Worried about your constant need to defecate? You need to eliminate lactose and all fermentable carbohydrate sources and then maybe you get back your control on your bowel system and your intestines calm down.

Lifestyles and food habits have led to an increase in the rate of type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases in the population. You need to stay away from foods enriched in dietary cholesterol, saturated fats, steroids, and dairy products messed by medicines. Remember the sumptuous cheese rich foods like pastas and pizzas? Studies on Prostrate and ovarian cancers have also hinted that dairy products of a certain kind do influence these cancers that are caused by a hormone imbalance in the body.

It is a fact that these tasty dairy products have no nutrient or healthy food quality. You dont have to worry unnecessary about the calcium content that you add into your body daily. Foods like tofu, green leafy vegetables, plant milk foods, almonds, figs, lentils, oranges and almonds are also rich sources of calcium. Milk products also have a tendency to mess with skin causing skin allergies like acne. The unhealthiest form of dairy milk is the ready-made sweetened one relished by most people, a single glass may contain almost one tablespoon of sugar, and it is known to mess with the digestion of proteins. Learn to stay away!

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