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5 reasons why long distance relations may not work!

Falling in love is the most awesome feeling in the world. The speeding heart beats, the breathlessness, the passion all have a tendency to overrule sanity. But what happens if your partner is served the relocation orders due to a corporate movement. Will your relationship survive the distance? Let us list you common problems that a couple can face with distance. You may feel that it’s an easy job to catch a plane and travel a few hours to date your loved one, but is it practical in the long run?

You may have found your “special one” and he or she may have shifted miles apart but still you manage to keep the love fires burning. Is it possible to make the relationship work? There are people who are managing beautifully with a weekend jaunt with their partner, thanks to the connectivity made possible by the internet. Are you really serious about making your relation work, then pay attention to a few considerations!

Are you dead sure about the “togetherness”?

A serious commitment to your partner means you have thought about the relationship in a very serious manner. You need to live with each other to realize the depth of the emotion you feel. There are societies that consider it taboo to live together and they do not favor pre-marital closeness. It’s necessary to keep meeting someone as this makes both the partners familiar with the habits. You can understand and recognize stress responses and love actions easily if you are familiar with each other!

Too busy for partner
Do you feel meeting your partner once a week is enough? Is the Saturday night meeting enough for you? There are people who feel tied down in constant presence of their partner and they relish the “once a week” intimacy. They also feel that constant presence can be a source of interference and it’s bothersome to be associated with the partner, for the whole week. A misconception is settled in their minds that their home jobs need attention more than their partner. In other longwords, they are used to this “once a week” convenience living with their supposed “soul mates”.

Exhausting money and time
If you are on the riper side of life, you may find it exhaustive to travel back and forth to meet your partner. The toll taxes and the gasoline expenditure also may pinch you and your patience may start to wear out. Your romps to the other town mean spending time and money. You may have to shell out extra if you have to stay in the strange town for the weekend.
Relocation for partner

Are you planning to shift residence and town for your partner? You have to make this decision very carefully. Too much closeness can lead to irreversible stress in your relationship. Compromises from one side are never favored in a relation, you may have to compromise heavily on the financial side and financial burden can cause immense stress in a relationship.
Taking “space” means risky love
Staying away from each other for a period of time, leads to a gap between the partners. With increasing time, a partner starts to get comfortable alone, especially in cases where the partner resides abroad. It’s not an easy job to meet each other infrequently and keep the love fires fuming. Staying away from each other for a long time leads to occasional sex between partners, loneliness, and absence of mental and physical support. This leads to looking out for love outside a relationship and this is very risky. People tend to have affairs and start to connect with others.
These reasons do not mean that long distance relationships can’t work, this means that people need to be strong and very much in love to maintain the intimacy in a bond. These are the potential “nerve wracking” stresses that a love relationship can face with distance.

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