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Grab a High-protein diet! Keep cardiovascular disease at bay

Are you a high protein lover? Researchers have good news for you. They believe that certain proteins found in high levels in both plants and animal meat can lower blood pressure and have the capability of protecting the heart by reducing arterial stiffness.

protIt’s common knowledge that exercising regularly and keeping away from the dreaded smoky cigarettes is healthy for the heart. In the same way, according to researchers from University of East Anglia, taking a diet full of amino acids, an important constituent of protein rich foods, can protect a person from the diseases of the heart.

The proteins are made up building blocks termed as amino acids. Talking about these blocks,  Dr. Jennings, the lead researcher of the Norwich Medical School of  University of East Anglia (UEA) has stated “Increasing intake from protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, dairy produce, beans, lentils, broccoli and spinach could be an important and readily achievable way to reduce people’s risk of cardiovascular disease.”

The researchers carried out their study on a sample of almost 2000 healthy women and they looked into the positive effect of nearly 7 amino acids on the heart. The results showed that women who took the highest quantity of amino acids in their diet had lesser arterial stiffness and recorded reduced measures of blood pressure.

Just as there are certain things that we need to stay away from, to protect put heart, similarly we need to take a diet enriched in proteins to protect it and keep it healthy. The researchers’ always advice  people, to reduce their intake of salt and keep away from life style disasters, like smoking and alcohol .They encourage physical activity in human beings to promote a healthy cardio-vascular status and similarly now they insist that amino-acids in proteins are very important to keep the heart away from cardio-vascular disease.

The proteins from animal sources are said to keep the arterial stiffness at ebb and the plant based foods enriched in proteins are said to keep the blood pressures regulated, according to the researchers. It’s the source from where the protein is obtained that is of prior importance.

Jennings wrote the findings in a paper in the Journal of Nutrition and has claimed “Beneficial daily amounts equate to a 100 gram salmon fillet or a 500 ml glass of skimmed milk”. The researchers were able to detect a connection between certain plant and meat proteins and healthy blood pressure.

Talking about further research possible in this field, Professor Tim Spector from the department of Twin Research at King’s College London has confirmed that “We need to understand the mechanism to see if it is direct or via our gut microbes.”

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