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Obesity in women? Stiffer breast tissue may cause breast cancer

In a layman’s terms, when the human body loads and stores on unhealthy and abnormal amounts of fat on body, it is termed as obese. The body mass index or BMI is a scale that has been prepared to calculate obesity by the scientists. The BMI indicates the obesity status of the human body.

It’s not a very pleasant sign to see a person stored on cellulite and Obesity is medically considered as an unhealthy state of body, as it can cause malfunctioning of various organs and cause dreaded diseases. A diet that is enriched in fats in obese women can lead to the dismal breast cancer. The matter is under research and the New York, Cornell University researchers, state that breast cancer and obesity are grave causes of concern for women.

They have deduced that women who are obese have a tendency to develop a stiffer and denser breast and this hard tissue can in turn encourage the development of cancer cells. Stiffer breast cells may now be categorized as a scientific biomarker inobesity(6) causing this dreaded disease in women.

In and around the breast there is a presence of extracellular matrix or a meshwork substance that encircles the fat cells. A condition of higher BMI or Obesity leads to certain biomechanical changes in this area and this has a tendency to promote the growth of tumors, say reports. The researchers have stated that the clinical staff needs to get advanced technology for mammograms and the imaging techniques need to be spruced up so that they can obtain fine scale representations. This will help in faster detection of the fat cells that have become thick and solid in the breast region.

Claudia Fischbach, study senior author and associate professor of biomedical engineering at Cornell University has stated “We all know that obesity is bad; the metabolism changes and hormones change, so when looking for links to breast cancer, researchers almost exclusively have focused on the biochemical changes happening. But what these findings show is that there are also biophysical changes that are important.”

This has led to a conclusion that plastic surgeons need to think twice before using a selection of fat cells from women who are obese for the purpose of reconstructive surgeries as this can encourage breast cancer.

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