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Bumpy relationship? Find a solution

Fed up of the constant bickering? It’s a natural thing for a couple to face upheavals as they live together but a charged negative atmosphere that is a result of a nasty spat, can be extremely uncomfortable for the couple . You need to resolve this right away! What if you get a guide that tells you about the variety of problems that you might face, won’t you be able to handle them better?

Have you seen couples glance through self help books and attend “save marriage seminars”? Life cannot be a rose garden at all times, there are plenty of ups and downs that successful couples face as the trudge along holding hands in different walks of life. Staying together teaches them how to tackle these complex issues.


Is your partner constantly glued to the television or laptop and refuses to pay any heed when you try to discuss imperative things? The best way to communicate with your partner is to book a time. Talk when the cell phones have been silenced, the laptops shut off and the kids sleeping.

You can head to the nearby café for some privacy and this will make sure that when you discuss agitated issues you keep your voice down and behave properly. Most of the fights are a result of losing control over the tonal quality of voice. Do you have a habit of butting in when the other person speaks? Wait for your turn and become a good listener. Show interest and let the interaction be mutual, you will see how things improve.

 Sexual closeness

Do you remember it was the strong sexual pull that had coerced you into a commitment with your partner? Have you realized that it has been weeks since you have slept together? Its time you get your act back into action. Sex can pull partners close because you release your physical and mental emotions during the act and let the love hormones free, the emotions of love start to breathe.

relationshipYou may be dead tired at night but you have the afternoons to indulge in a “quickie” love session. Find a day in the week and let the kids go to their grandparents place for some “connection time” with grannies and granddads while you get together. Dig deep into your partners preferences and the love talk will spice up the relationship and increase the charm for the final commitment. Worst comes to worst you can get help from a professional after all there are sex therapists who can aid you in this task.

  Financial status

Be very clear about your money status to your partner. Facing shocking “financial doldrums” reality after marriage can ruin it before it even begins. Excess expenditure may be making your hand tight, but there is no fun if you enter into a huge argument about heading off for a honeymoon overseas when you have less money. Discuss all the financial aspects before hand and tell your partner if you owe anyone some money. You can open a bank account jointly where you add your savings and spend judiciously. Discuss personal money expenditure and money for other expenses like bills, care of the aged, holidays etc.

 Work at home

Who is going to make the morning tea and who will wash the dishes? These are very small things but can end up as a reason for a major disagreement between the partners. Divide the labor and chores at home, so that each partner knows their respective job. Shuffle them each week so that the routine is not humdrum or boring .You can save money and use the cleaning services in the city as well.

 Appreciate your partner

If you are slogging, so is your partner, remember that! You can’t judge a person’s tiredness levels by the activities they perform; it’s a physical state of the body. The pinch of boring tasks becomes much lesser when you praise your partner and there us a shower of a few words of appreciation. Don’t let the shining luster of the relationship fade away, praise your partner, compliment the actions, and most importantly keep in touch the whole day! A “Thank you” works miracles and makes your partner realize his or her worth.

Life tends to become uninteresting with time and lacks luster of excitement because of a standard routine day in and day out. Always remember you made the choice so there is no place for “Tit for Tat” in a relation. Respond to your partner’s fury with calm and rationality. Just keep silent for a few minutes; you will realize that the angry time will pass by!

  Have confidence and trust in your partner

Don’t oppress a relation and don’t let the seeds of doubt creep in. Believe in commitments of time and never lie to your partner, it doesn’t matter if you lose an argument, try to be fair and sensitive to your partner’s emotions at all times. Make sure you weigh your words before you say anything and let the past lie-asleep.

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