Tuesday , October 13 2015

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Happiness on Your Plate

Ever heard of happiness being served on a plate? Well, the idea may not be as weird as it sounds because according to recent studies, some foods tend to have a similar impact on your mood and body as do certain mood enhancing drugs. So, if you have been feeling ...

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Swine flu kills 3 more in Pune, 810 H1N1 deaths in country


India is once more gripped by the swine flu fever. Three more people succumbed to swine flu and 19 more are reported to have already contracted the H1N1 virus in Pune. Reports have confirmed that out of the 19, nearly 17 people suffering from swine flu are hospitalized in a ...

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Visa queries answered, read on for more

visa permission

To travel to the U.S, a person needs a valid visa and a valid passport. But what happens if your passport is sent for renewal and you get a new one? What if your old passport has a valid Visa stamp? The worrying thought is that the person has no ...

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