Wednesday , September 2 2015

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Divorce! Do kids suffer?


Love lost and relations broken can spell disaster for children! Research has confirmed that kids suffer the most when their parents decide to walk separate directions. The figures are disturbing and the emotional disturbances are poignant and get profoundly settled in the minds of little kids. Children worship their parents ...

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10 Trade unions, 15 crore workers call Nation-wide strike


Hardly had we got over Hardik Patel’s rally rushes that we got to hear that there has been a call raised for a Nation-wide strike by the trade unions. About 10 trade unions amounting to 15 crore workers, are miffed at the BJP’s proposed alterations in labor laws, and have ...

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New ‘four dotted’ colorful Google logo mesmerizes

google logo

The four dots dancing on the screens and getting together to form a colorful “G”, is Google’s surprise this time. Blue splashes with red brushing and a tang of yellow and green, that’s what Google “logo” has for us today. Google talk or Google tap type, it’s the innovative technology ...

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