Saturday , February 13 2016

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Beetroot juice to Improve stamina and BP?

A tall glass of Beetroot’s overpowering red juice a day can improve blood pressure and boost endurance, states a study. Exercise intolerance, when the body get exhausted is the most common symptom of HFPEF and it occurs due to non-cardiac factors that lowers oxygen transmission to active skeletal muscles. HFPEF ...

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Do we need cameras or will the Smartphone do?


Leaving your digital camera behind? Do you really need it especially when you have your super Smartphone in hand? Well, maybe not! In the past few years Smartphone cameras are creeping on in popularity and the digital cameras like Sony, Nikon and Canon are forced to take a back seat. ...

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Say no to Depression with Exercise and Meditation


Do you feel blue or dispirited? Try aerobic exercises with meditation twice a week for just two months to kill the blues forever, states a study. Study also reveals that this combination of body and mind can reduce depression by 40 percent. Brandon Alderman from Rutgers University’s school of arts ...

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